Unit Studio is a team of professionals with a large technical background and a strong creative flair who loves to combine different competences, approaches and skills in its design and graphics works.

The studio was found in 2008 as a natural evolution of a collaborative relationship began in 2000 and consolidated by the publication of two important 3D graphics manuals.

We offer customized solutions for each client, whether it is a small local business or an international brand. Nowadays we number important collaborations with clients in the field of architecture, real-estate development, media, retail, engineering, fashion, industry and public services.

Creativity is always buzzing in our team


Enrico Fanton

Enrico is a civil engineer, graduated at the University of Padua.
Enterprising and determined, he is the trailblazer of the team, for which he experiments new digital methods of representation.


Matteo Ranzato

Matteo is an architect, graduated at IUAV university of Venice.
Equipped with a keen sense of observation, he is the creative mind of the team, always willing to give suggestions to improve designs.


Simone Boldrin

Simone is an architect, graduated at IUAV university of Venice.
With his distinct curiosity he is talented for the problem solving, always finding a solution for each occurrence.